The Last to Know

THE LAST TO KNOW: Zatanna vol. 2, #16

Originally published Nov 21, 2016 

Even Adam Hughes couldn’t save Zatanna’s 2010 ongoing solo series from ending with #16 to make way for the DC’s company wide New 52 relaunch. The character would next be seen in the Justice League Dark #1 with the company’s other supernatural stalwarts.

With collectors grabbing Hughes’s Catwoman and Wonder Woman covers, it’s no wonder this beautiful red-laden cover would be so in demand and extremely hard to find in the highest grades. The CGC Census indicates that there are five 9.8s and 14 total graded copies. The fact that only 17,076 copies were sold makes this quite understandable: it ranked #147 on Comichron’s top 300 for the month.

One of those 9.8 is listed on eBay for $499.99 with seven other copies of various grades. (A signed 9.0 is also listed $325.) However, near mint raw copies have sold over the past few months in the $20-40 range. Good luck finding a copy without spine ticks!

Low print run and Adams Hughes makes this book highly sought out in the highest grades; as long as Hughes remains hot, this book will be a good investment in the long haul. Finding high-grade copies will certainly be challenging.

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