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With the recent resurgence in collectors interest in Art Adams, I thought it would be cool to look at some of his covers. Granted the interest lately seems to be more focused on his ratio variants. There are covers that are far more valuable I could put on here, but those are already well know, everybody wants them already. So I’m hoping to maybe show a few that are not as well known, who knows, maybe one will catch your eye and you’ll have something new to hunt for.

One of my favorite Art Adams covers is the Defenders #2 variant from 2001. Once upon a time this was a hard to find variant cover. Although now it seems to be rather plentiful on eBay. At time of writing this they can range from $5 for a beat copy to $30 for one in the NM range.

Another cover by Adams I’m rather fond of is this Red Sonja #1 1:25 variant cover from the 2005 series. Adams has done a few Red Sonja variant covers over the years, however this one seems to be getting harder to find. Only a few left on eBay at time of writing this.

I’m going to level with folks, there’s no rhyme or reason to this list. It’s just Art Adams covers I really like. Sure I could make up some BS stats or rational, put them in order and act like that should have some weight… but I’m not going to do that.

The next one is this Classic X-Men #1 cover. This was there very first cover by Art Adams I ever saw. Prices are all over the place on this one, but it’s plentiful if you want a copy, they’re easy enough to find.

Another of my fav’s is this Hulk #9 cover. Homage to Avengers #83, I love how he swapped She-Hulk with Valkyrie and then included her in group. A $10-$25 book raw depending on condition.

Well, it’s time to finish this up and there’s one character that can help me do that, Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat. As many of you probably know, Adams’s did a recent 1:25 ratio variant for ASM #36 that’s holding it’s own at around double ratio. What you might not know is Adams did a run of covers previously for Amazing Spider-Man 2022 series issues 75-93. A handful of which feature Black Cat, around the Goblin Queen arc. What you probably didn’t know is for the second Black Cat ongoing series (2021), issue #9. Art Adams did a store exclusive variant for Ultimate Comics. The cool thing to me about this cover is that it’s a throw back to Marvel 25th Anniversary Covers, which just started to come out when I was getting into collecting. Now I know there are some folks out there that collect those covers, I never did, but I get the appeal… I just think it’s kinda cool that my favorite Marvel character got a retro active anniversary style cover by Art Adams is all I’m really saying. Can be found on eBay usually for $25 or less.

Well, that’s it for this one, I’ll be doing more of these with different artist and covers in the future… because it’s the easies content to produce and make a weekly deadline.

Till next Time! – $k07

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