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Sozomaika is a relatively new cover artist, I don’t know too much about her. What I do know is she creates some very stylish covers, some are hit and some are miss, but that could be said for any cover artist working today. I’m eagerly awaiting the Womens History Month covers she’s doing for DC Comics in the very near future. For now, here’s a few that I’m really digging.

The Catwoman #43 1:25 Incentive Ratio Variant I think is the cover by Sozomaika that really got everyones attention. This was like nothing else on the market when it dropped in mid 2022. Bengal interiors to boot, oh yeah, I was all over this with multiple copies locked in before release.

Next up is this Red Sonja Valentines Special 1:20 ratio variant also, from 2022. One of the quickest ways to get on my radar is by doing a Red Sonja cover…. or Black Cat.

This next cover is one you’ve probably never seen before, it’s for a book by Jeehyung Lee called Gumaa The Beginning of Her #4, which was done through a Kickstarter. Sozomaika did a cover available in both a Trade/Virgin version for issues 1 and 4. Titan publishing seems to be reprinting the books and the covers with slightly different trade dressing, which is how you tell the difference between the versions. The virgin Kickstarter cover for issue 4 is a legit ghost… at least at time of writing this. Only 3 total graded copies between signature series and blue label, all of which are 9.8’s. For some reason I get a Sex Secret Agent vibe off this one, don’t know why.

This next one is another 1:25 ratio variant, this time for Harley Quinn Black White Redder #1. I just love the raw energy almost punk rock vibe this cover gives off. Cat’s doing “headshot covers” over at Marvel could learn thing or two from this one. There’s no question who this character is, take away the text and you still know who this is, Harley F*****G Quinn!

This cover for Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Variant is also a fav of mine… and not just because I own one of the two CGC 9.9’s of the foil version. Voodoo defiantly seems like a perfect character for Sozomaika, it’s must be that fashion connection. The cover price was a bit steep for the casual buyer, granted. The thing I really dig about this book is there’s an interior story drawn by Jonboy Meyer. I love seeing Jonboy’s interior work in books, make it a Zealot and Angelbreaker story and how they are both connected, have it tie into the Knight Terrors event… shut up and just take my money already!

Last but not least, is the cover to Catwoman #44 1:25 variant. To be fair, I could have just done cool Catwoman covers from Sozomaika because she’s done more than a few. This one is interesting to me for a couple reasons. First it’s completely different from all the other covers featured. Two, it’s a single panel gag and I’m a sucker for a cover that tells a story or a joke. Third, because said gag is a joke about stealing Bruce Wayne’s credit card and that always takes me back to Batman the Animated Series. Forth, and this is for you speculators/collectors who look for low print run books, there were no store exclusive variants to push up the number of ratios out there. Catwoman #43 had like 6 or 7 store variant, which pushed up the number of 1:25 ratio variants printed.

The CGC census has 309 9.8’s, 99 signature series and 210 blue labels. Catwoman #44 has a Jenny Frison open order variant with 127 CGC 9.8’s, combined. This 1:25 variant has only 123 combine signature series and blue labels graded by CGC in 9.8. Granted thats at time of writing this, and doesn’t include graded copies by other grading services. No matter how you want to slice it, factoring everything in, raw in any grade, signed or unsigned. There’s a fraction of the number of Catwoman #44 1:25’s out there compared to the 43 1:25’s.

And that’s it for this week, tune in next time for whatever I cobble together to meet my deadline.


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